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Wave Plumbing Presents Linkasink. Linkasink produces some of the worlds most beautiful and unique handcrafted copper sinks. All kitchen, bar, farmhouse, bathroom sinks and vessel sinks are handmade by artisans resulting in a distinctive, one of a kind work of art that is not only beautiful, but is functional and easy to maintain. Linkasink Sinks: Hammered copper apron front farmhouse sinks. Bronze Farmhouse sinks. Install as a vessel, undermount or drop in. Visit the official Linkasink manufacturer website here.

Linkasink Tile Colors for Linkasink Mosaic Sinks

See Mosaic Sinks Here.  Click on any photo to see an enlarged version.

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Magic Sink Tray Patterns
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Color 1 - Venetian Glass Color 2 - Venetian Glass Color 3 - Venetian Glass
color 4.jpg color 5.jpg color 6.jpg
Color 4 - Venetian Glass Color 5 - Venetian Glass Color 6 - Venetian Glass
color 7.jpg color 8.jpg color 9.jpg
Color 7 - Venetian Glass Color 8 - Venetian Glass Color 9 - Venetian Glass
color 10.jpg color 11.jpg color 12.jpg
Color 10 - Venetian Glass Color 11 - Venetian Glass Color 12 - Venetian Glass
color 13.jpg color 14.jpg color 15.jpg
Color 13 - Tumbled Marble Color 14 - Tumbled Marble Color 15 - Tumbled Marble
color 16.jpg color 17.jpg
Color 16 - Tumbled Marble Color 17 - Tumbled Marble Color MOP - Mother of Pearl